Privacy Policy


I care about your privacy. Here’s what you need to know about my site:

  • This site is built on WordPress, which logs some information about visitors such as your IP address. I don’t share this information with any third party.
  • I use Google Analytics to understand who uses my site. I don’t share the information gathered with any third party, though Google is the party that actually collects and keeps the data. Please see the Google privacy policy for more information.
  • I use AdSense to earn a few pennies and pay for this website. AdSense is also a Google product, and you can read more about Google’s Advertising Policies.


  • To post a comment you have to provide an email address or authenticate via one of several OpenID enabled providers such as Google, Facebook, and StackOverflow. I do this to avoid spam and low-quality comments. I will never give or sell your contact information to any other party. I also won’t contact you unless you contact me directly.


  • This site uses cookies to save your preferences. If you want to know what a cookie is, see HTTP cookie.
  • Google AdSense and its advertisers use cookies, too. You can opt out of this behaviour by using the ads preference manager. You can also read about the DoubleClick cookie used by AdSense, or check out for more information.
  • You can disable cookies for this site or for advertisers in your browser’s settings. Doing so may prevent some aspects of this site from working.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this policy.