VBA Internals: String Variables and Pointers in Depth

May 31, 2013 in VBA

This is the next installment of a series of deep-dives into the structure and implementation of variables in Visual Basic for Applications. For the previous posts, see the following: What’s in a variable – Categories of variables in VBA, by implementation Getting Pointers – Overview of how to obtain pointers in VBA Scalar Variables and Pointers in Depth – Details of numeric scalar variables and pointers In this post, I will cover the details of string variables and pointers. See Scalar Variables and Pointers in Depth for additional background and for the code for the utility functions HexPtr and Mem_ReadHex.
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VBA Internals: Getting Pointers

May 15, 2013 in VBA

Generally speaking you don’t use pointers in VBA. There is no language-level syntax to explicitly obtain or dereference a pointer as in C or C++ (such as int* somePtr = &someInt). Within VBA there is almost no reason at all to use pointers. The VB runtime handles all the implementation details of allocating, using, and reclaiming memory for you. But sometimes you need (or want) to reach out to the power of an API function that actually requires a pointer and you have no choice but to take that plunge. Or maybe (like me) you’re just mischevious or curious, and
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