Regular Expressions in VBA

February 8, 2013 in VBA

A frequent question for most database platforms is how to use regular expressions in SQL queries. Regular expressions are an awesome tool for working with text and are built in to just about every widely used programming language, but are not standardized in SQL. Sometimes relational databases are employed to work on chunks of text and having regular expressions available is mighty helpful. Oracle supports regular expressions natively as does Teradata 14 (first released in February 2012), but most other database platforms require some sort of extensibility mechanism. For SQL Server you have to build CLR wrappers, in DB2 and
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What Microsoft Access is Good For

February 8, 2013 in Microsoft Access

A lot of my posts here will be about how best to use Microsoft Access, from programming in VBA and Jet SQL to indexing and data application architecture. For a lot of IT professionals the question this immediately raises is “Why?”, as in “Why the heck would you ever use Access?” Searching for “Hate” and “Microsoft Access” yields plenty of results (of course “hate oracle” yields even more). From my first experience as a finance intern hacking VBA to get stuff done to later years both using and analyzing all the big boys of enterprise database development I went through
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